Call number: RD-70

Shakh koroleve brilliantov [Mate to the Queen of Diamonds]

Rizhskaia kinostudiia, 1973; released 29 June 1973
Screenplay: Vladimir Kaiiaks, Miermilis Steiga, L. Vol´f
Photography: Genrikh Pilipson
Production design: Gerbert Likums
Music: Pauls Dambis

Dolmane	        Lidia Pupure, dubbed by Inna Vykhodtseva
Sokolovskii	Gunar Tsilinskii, dubbed by A. Beliavskii
Robezhniek	Uldis Dumpis, dubbed by Evgenii Zharikov
Strauta	        Lilita Ozolinia, dubbed by Svetlana Svetlichnaia
Straut		Paul Butkevich
Grube		Lidia Freimane, dubbed by M. Gavrilko
Zenta Lazda	Mairite Kruminia, dubbed by G. Bulkina
Balode	        Irina Tomsone, dubbed by O. Markina
Inus		Ints Burans, dubbed by A. Iurenev
Taube		Artur Kaleis

approx. 87 minutes
Dubbed into Russian from Latvian

Source: RTR-Planeta, 14 November 2010
System: Pal

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