Call number: RD-625

Zapechatlennoe vremia [Time Imprinted]
Telekompaniia Goldmedia, for GTRK Kul´tura, 2012
This episode is about early twentieth-century Russian railways
Producer: Aleksei Gorovatskii
Creative producer: Aleksei Artem´ev
Directors: Aleksei Artem´ev, Denis Markovtsev
Photography: Viacheslav Gusev, Mikhail Timofeev
Presenter: Viktor Batalin
With the participation of: Aleksei Vul´fov

26 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 13 June 2013


Belaia studiia. Igor´ Petrenko [The White Studio. Igor´ Petrenko]
MB grupp prodakshn, for GTRK Kul´tura, 2013
Interviewer: Dar´ia Spiridonova
With the participation of: Igor´ Petrenko

38 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 14 June 2013

Source: RTR Planeta, 13 and 14 June 2013
System: Pal

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