Call number: RD-572

Zakrytyi pokaz [Private View] A showing of a film preceded and followed by a studio discussion:
8 minutes of discussion, followed by a showing of

Napisano Sergeem Dovlatovym [Written by Sergei Dovlatov]
Producer: Roman Liberov
Director: Roman Liberov
Script: Roman Liberov
Photography: Denis Madyshev
Production design: Anastasiia Golovan´
Animation: Anastasiia Golovan´
Music: Billy Novick, Anton Matesius and Billy's Band
Editor: Georgii Galiuzov
Sound: Aleksandr Trukhan
Dovlatov's words spoken by: Sergei Puskepalis
52 minutes
In Russian

Followed by:
Studio discussion of the film presented by Aleksandr Gordon
With the participation of: The filmmakers: the director and producer, Roman Liberov, the author and performer of the music, Billy Novick, the animator and designer, Anastasiia Golovan´, the voice artist Daniil Shcheblanov, the editor and visualiser, Georgii Galiuzov, the director of photography, Denis Madyshev and the sound director, Aleksandr Trukhan
and the invited viewers:
Speaking in support of the film: Valerii Popov, Nikita Eliseev, Meri Nazari, Mariia Kondratova, Georgii Cherdantsev, Aleksandr Ruchkin
Speaking against the film: Mikhail Elizarov, Igor´ Volgin, Aleksei Varlamov, Viktor Kulle, Gennadii Litvintsev, El´ga Lyndina
51 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal Vsemirnaia set´, 1 September 2013
System: Pal

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