Call number: RD-5

Putin, Russia and The West, Parts 3 and 4
[A four-part series profiling Russian leader Vladimir Putin - after eight years as president and four as prime minister, one of the world's most powerful men. He has declared his party victorious in parliamentary elections widely seen as fraudulent and announced his intention to return as president. How did the former KGB man make himself a valued ally of the West, and what made Washington and London turn against him?]
A Brook Lapping Production for the BBC, 2011
Narrator: Rupert Graves
Producer / Director: David Alter

Part 3: War
[Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev and Georgia's president Mikheil Saakashvili discuss the conflict between their two countries in August 2008, while former American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates reveal just how close their country came to war with Russia as a result.]
60 minutes
Starts 2 minutes into disc
BBC2, 2 February 2012


Part 4: New Start
[The final episode of the series tells the inside story of two relationships: Barack Obama's campaign to win over Russia's new President Dmitry Medvedev, and Medvedev's own complex dealings with Vladimir Putin.]
60 minutes
Starts 4 minutes into disc; lacks very end
BBC2, 9 February 2012

Source: BBC2, 2 and 9 February 2012
System: Pal

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