Call number: RD-464

Poslednii attraktsion (Agitfurgon) [The Last Attraction (The Agitvan)]

Soiuzkino, Moscow, 1929; released 9 November 1929
Screenplay: Viktor Shklovskii, from the story by Marietta Shaginian
Photography: Aleksei Solodkov
Production design: Aleksei Utkin

Klim 'vislogubyi', director of the travelling circus	Naum Rogozhin
Polli, a dancer, his wife		                Elena Maksimova
Masha, a tightrope walker		                Raisa Puzhnaia
Serzh, a tightrope walker		                Aleksandr Sashin
Vanechka, an athlete		                        Leonid Iurenev
Kurapov, a propagandist from the political section	I. Bykov
71 minutes
Russian titles, silent, no music track

Source: Gosfil´mofond Rossiiskoi Federatsii
System: Pal

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