Call number: RD-319

KOZINTSEV, Grigorii and TRAUBERG, Leonid
Iunost´ Maksima (Bol´shevik) [The Youth of Maksim (The Bolshevik)]

Lenfil´m, 1934; released 27 January 1935; restored, Mosfil´m, 1965
Screenplay: Grigorii Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg
Photography: Andrei Moskvin
Production design: Evgenii Enei
Music: Dmitrii Shostakovich

Maksim		        Boris Chirkov
Dema			Stepan Kaiukov
Andrei			Aleksandr Kulakov
Natasha		        Valentina Kibardina
Polivanov		Mikhail Tarkhanov
Craftsman		M. Shchelkovskii
Engineer		S. Leont´ev
Workman		        Pavel Volkov
91 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles

Source: British Film Institute
System: Pal

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