Call number: RD-271

Kakie nashi gody. 1993 [What Years of Ours. 1993]
Pervyi kanal, 2011
Presenters: Leonid Parfenov, Tat´iana Arno
The subjects of this episode are: New Russians; the storming of the White House; independent television news; travel abroad; the boom in second-hand foreign cars; glossy magazines; Herbalife and integrated marketing; contract killings; Russian Blues and Chizh i kompaniia
With the participation of: Petr Listerman, Aleksandr Rutskoi, Boris Krasnov, Eduard Sagalaev, Mikhail Osokin, Vladimir Zhirinovskii, Sergei Iastrzhembskii, Aleksandr Inshakov, Igor´ Grigor´ev, Igor´ Svinarenko, Al´bert Popkov, Svetlana Iannikova, Vitalii Sidorov, Mikhail Grishankov, Sergei Chigrakov
73 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal Vsemirnaia set´, 28 August 2011
System: Pal

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