Call number: RD-235

Kakie nashi gody. 1959 [What Years of Ours. 1959]
Krasnyi kvadrat, Zelenaia studiia, for Pervyi kanal, 2011
Presenters: Leonid Parfenov, Tat´iana Arno
The subjects of this issue are: Khrushchev's visits to the USA; the American Exhibition at Sokol´niki; the special issue of Komsomol´skaia Pravda imagining life in 2010; the Pasternak affair; the threat to demolish houses in the Rechnik settlement to the west of Moscow; the TU 114; the Christian Dior fashion show in Moscow; the Moscow Film Festival reinstated: Sergei Bondarchuk wins the grand prix for Sud´ba cheloveka; Kalashnikov automatic rifles for the Soviet army; Grigorii Chukhrai's film Ballada o soldate; Neil Sedaka's song 'One Way Ticket to the Blues' as the Soviet hit 'Sinii, sinii inei'
With the participation of: Viktor Sukhodrev, Dmitrii Glukhovskii, Dmitrii Bykov, Aleksandr Lebedev, Leonid Iakubovich, Mikhail Pogosian, Irina Krutikova, Irina Skobtseva, Mikhail Grishakov, Pavel Chukhrai, The Group Billis Bend
75 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal Vsemirnaia set´, 30 July 2011
System: Pal

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