Call number: RD-208

Chelovek kotoryi molchal [The Silent Man]

Tsentral Partnership, Studiia Pro Sinema, 2005
Producer: Ruben Dishdishian
Executive producers: Aleksandr Syrov, Dmitrii Sidorov
Screenplay: Pavel Ruminov
Photography: Pavel Ruminov, Vitalii Ershov
Production design: Liudmila Bezymennaia

The hero			Mikhail Efimov
The hero's friend		Mikhail Dement´ev
The hero's girlfriend	        Ol´ga Bondareva
The girl-manager		Ol´ga Burakova
The drummer friend	        Aleksandr Ivanov
The lad in glasses		Konstantin Sharkov
The man in the café 	        Pavel Ruminov
71 minutes
In Russian

Source: RTR Planeta, 16 July 2011
System: Pal

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