Call number: RD-165

Kakie nashi gody. 1991 [What Years of Ours. 1991]
Pervyi kanal, 2011
Presenters: Leonid Parfenov, Tat´iana Arno
The subjects of this issue are: the Mercedes 600; Political change; the Ligovka 91 festival of Russian shanson; the change of the 50 and 100 rouble notes; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator; Zakhar Dudaev and Chechnia; Russian fashion in Paris; Gruppa Nol´, '...idu, kuriu...'; the TV programme Vzgliad; the August Putsch and the GKChP; Mikhail Zadornov's New Year Message; Russian rap, Delai, kak ia'
With the participation of: Vladimir Zhirinovskii, Aleksandr Novikov, Viktor Gerashchenko, Mikhail Porechenkov, Ramzan Kadyrov, Vladimir Iudashkin, Fedor Chistiakov, Eduard Sagalaev, Tat´iana Malkina, Iurii Gal´tsev, Bogdan Titomir, Timati
76 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal Vsemirnaia set´, 4 June 2011
System: Pal

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