Call number: RD-154

Moi serebrianyi shar. Andrei Panin [My Silver Globe. Andrei Panin]
Meridian Kholding, for Telekanal Rossiia, 2006
Producer: Margo Krzhizhevskaia
Director: Elena Gudieva
Author and presenter: Vitalii Vul´f
Photography: Kirill Kornilov
With the participation of: Andrei Panin
44 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 1 July 2011


Istoricheskie khroniki. 1960. Sekretar´ obkoma [Historical Chronicles. 1960. The Regional Party Committee Secretary]
The key subjects of this episode are: Khrushchev and Soviet agriculture in the 1950s; the Virgin Lands campaign; and the fate of the Riazan´ Regional Party Secretary Aleksei Larionov
Prodiuserskaia firma Nash vzgliad, for GTK Telekanal Rossiia, 2007
Producer: Nikolai Bilyk
Director: Aleksei Podgornyi
Author and Head of project: Marina Zhukova
Presenter: Nikolai Svanidze
Photography: Viktor Stupin
With the participation of: Aleksandr Agarev, Andrei Sakharov
44 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 2 July 2011

Source: RTR Planeta, 1 and 2 July 2011
System: Pal

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