Call number: RD-140

Zakrytyi pokaz [Private View] A showing of a film preceded and followed by a studio discussion:
7 minutes of discussion, followed by a showing of

Ovsianki [Silent Souls] [Buntings]

April Mig Pictures, 29 February, 2010
General producer: Igor´ Mishin
Creative producer: Mariia Nazari
Screenplay: Denis Osokin, based on the story of the same name by Aist Sergeev (Denis Osokin)
Photography: Mikhail Krichman
Production design: Andrei Ponkratov, Aleksei Potapov
Music: Andrei Karasev

Aist		Igor´ Sergeev
Miron 		Iurii Tsurilo
Tania		Iuliia Aug
Vesa		Viktor Sukhorukov
Bird seller	Viacheslav Melekhov
Policewoman	Larisa Damaskina
Little Aist	Ivan Tushin
Aist's mother	Iuliia Tushina
Rimma	        Leisan Sitdikova
Iulia		Ol´ga Dobrina
GIBDL Inspector	Sergei Iarmoliuk
Seller		Ol´ga Gileva
Seller		Artem Khabibulin
Electrician	Victor Gerrat
74 minutes
In Russian

Followed by:
Studio discussion of the film presented by Aleksandr Gordon
With the participation of: The filmmakers: the director, Aleksei Fedorchenko, the producer, Igor´ Mishin, the creative producer, Mariia Nazari; the composer, Andrei Karasev and the actors Igor´ Sergeev and Iuliia Aug;
and the invited viewers:
Speaking in support of the film: Leonid Parfenov, Eduard Sagalaev, Mark Zakharov, Dmitrii Dibrov and Aleksandr Sharonov;
Speaking against the film: Vladimir Leonovich, Dmitrii Dabb, Dmitrii Gushchin, Sofiia Korosteleva and Konstantin Larchenko
54 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 22 July 2011
System: Pal

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