Call number: RD-133

Starshii syn Stalina [Stalin's Elder Son]
A film about Iakov Dzhugashvili
Russkoe pole, Studiia dokumental´nykh fil´mov, for VGTRK, 2010
Producer for Telekanal Rossiia: Sergei Alekseev
Director: Denis Shulepov
Script: Aleksandr Kolesnik, Denis Shulepov
Photography: Sergei Blinkov
Narrator: Sergei Chonishvili
With the participation of: Svetlana Allilueva (Iosif Stalin's daughter), Kira Politkovskaia-Allilueva (Iosif Stalin's niece), General Artem Sergeev (Vasilii Stalin's adopted son), Aleksandr Kolesnik, Valentin Zhiliaev, Aleksandr Prokahnov, Igor´ Sokolov, Iona Andronov, Valentin Falin
44 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 30 March 2011


Moi serebrianyi shar. Tat´iana Samoilova [My Silver Globe. Tat´iana Samoilova]
MB Grupp, for VGTRK, 2009
Producer: Margo Krzhizhevskaia
Director: Elena Gudieva
Author and presenter: Vitalii Vul´f
Photography: Sergei Mal´tsev
44 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 1 April 2011

Source: RTR Planeta, 30 March and 1 April 2011
System: Pal

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