Call number: RD-111

Istoricheskie khroniki 1986 Iurii Shevchuk [Historical Chronicles 1986 Iurii Shevchuk]
The subjects of this episode are: the explosion at the Chernobyl´ nuclear reactor; food shortages; the anti-alcohol campaign; an interview with Iurii Shevchuk on DDT and the moods of the time; rock concerts; the literary politics of the period; the Writers' Congress; the thick journals and their new editors; the death of Anatolii Marchenko; Shevchuk's song 'Rodina'
VGTRK, 2011
Producer: Nikolai Bilyk
Director: Roan Maslo
Author and Head of project: Marina Zhukova
Presenter: Nikolai Svanidze
Photography: Viktor Stupin
With the participation of: Iurii Shevchuk
44 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 22 February 2011


ABALOV, Eduard
Na dal´nei tochke [At a Distant Point]

Tvorcheskoe ob´´edininie Ekran, 1970; TV premiere 9 May 1970
Screenplay: Aleksandr Usol´tsev
Photography: Viktor Masevich
Production design: Boris Tsarev
Music: Dzhon Ter-Tatevosian
Song lyrics: B Brianskii

Lance-Corporal Gvozdev	        Aleksei Krychenkov
Lance-Corporal Klimenko	        Semen Morozov
Sergeant-Major Parashuk	        Iurii Belov
Private Valuevich		German Kachin
Lieutenant-Colonel Shorokhov	Boris Bitiukov
Young soldier		        Viktor Perevalov
The telephone operator Nina	Svetlana Starikova
Major-Inspector		        Leonid Chubarov
67 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 23 February 2011

Source: RTR Planeta, 22 and 23 September 2011
System: Pal

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