Call number: DVD-930

Valahol Európában... [Somewhere in Europe...]
Mafirt, Hungary, 1947
Production director Laszlo Szirtes
Assistant Director Károly Makk
Screenplay Béla Balázs, Géza von Radványi
Photography Barnabás Hegyi
Production Design József Pán
Music Dénes Buday

Piotr Simon, the old man 	Artúr Somlay		
Péter 				Miklós Gábor		
Éva 				Zsuzsa Bánky		
Commissioner of police 		György Bárdy		
Kuksi 				Ladislas Horváth		
With:				Laci Horváth, István Rozsos, László 
				Kemény, Abraham Ronai, András Rónay, György Bodó, 
				Károly Bicskey, András Tollas, Endre Harkányi
100 minutes
In Hungarian with English subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Full screen
Languages English subtitles
Features Facets Cine-Notes Collectible Booklet
Source Facets Video

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