Call number: DVD-924

Vasya [Vasia]
A film about the artist Vasilii Sitnikov
AZ Films, Fora Film M, 2002
Producer Andrei Zagdanskii
Associate producer Sergei Miroshnichenko
Co-producer Andrei Razumovskii
Photography Evgenii Smirnov
Production Design
Music Alexander Goldstein

With:			Kevin Clarke, Norton Dodge, Herb H Kliegerman, Konstantin Kuzminskii, Ferdinand Maier, 
			Dmitrii Plavinskii, Aleksandr Shnurov, Nikolai Sitnikov, Julia Troll, Anatolii Krynskii, 
			Nina Stevens, Vladimir Titov, Lydiia Trokhina, Vladimir Nekrasov, 
			Vladimir Teteriatnikov, Liudmila Tarasenko
Narrator		Norton Dodge
60 minutes
In English, Russian and German with English subtitles, or in Russian

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Additional footage not previously included in the film, in Russian with English subtitles
Information about holdings of Vasilii Sitnikov's work in galleries and private collections
Source AZ Films

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