Call number: DVD-855

IVANOV, Aleksandr
Podniataia tselina [Virgin Soil Upturned]
Part 1, 1959, released 27 April 1960
Parts 2, 1960, released 27 April 1960
Part 3, 1961, released 18 February 1961
Screenplay Iurii Lukin, Fedor Shakhmagonov, from the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov
Photography Viacheslav Fastovich
Production Design N. Suvorov (parts 1 and 2); A. Veksler and N. Suvorov (part 3)
Music Oleg Karavaichuk (parts 1 and 2); Iurii Levitin (part 3)
Davydov				P. Chernov
Makar Nagul´nov			Evgenii Matveev
Razmetnov			Fedor Shmakov
Shchukar´			Vladimir Dorofeev
Lushka				Liudmila Khitiaeva
Polovtsev			Petr Glebov
Ostrovnov			V. Chekmarev
Bannik				Leonid Kmit
Timofei Rvanyi (Timoshka)	O. Iaroshenko
Maidannikov			I. Kutianskii
285 minutes
In Russian without subtitles


DVD DVD 1, containing Parts 1 and 2, 185 minutes
Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Lenfil´m video

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