Call number: DVD-84

Vertikal´ [Vertical]

Odesskaia kiinostudiia, 1966; released July 1967
Screenplay Sergei Tarasov with Nikolai Rasheev
Photography Al´bert Osipov
Music Sof´ia Gubaidulina
Songs written and sung by Vladimir Vysotskii

Rita				Margarita Kosheleva
Gennadii			Gennadii Voropaev
Sasha Nikitin			Aleksandr Fadeev
Lomov				Georgii Kul´bush
Doctor				Larisa Luzhina
Vissarion			Bukhuti Zakariadze
Volodia, the radio operator   	Vladimir Vysotskii  
73 minutes
In Russian with optional subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Languages Menu languages - Russian and English
Optional Russian and English subtitles
Features The sequences in the film when Vysotskii sings can be accessed separately.
Album of photographs of Vysotskii.
Biographies and filmographies of the directors, Stanislav Govorukhin and Boris Durov, and the actors Vladimir Vysotskii and Larisa Luzhina.
Interview with Govorukhin, in Russian, 9 minutes, no subtitles.
Interview with Durov, in Russian, 21 minutes, no subtitles.
Interview with Larisa Luzhina, in Russian, 19 minutes, no subtitles
Source SR Digital

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