Call number: DVD-811

Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon [End of August at the Hotel Ozone]

Studio Caf, 1966
Production managers Jaromír Kallista, Erik Hubácek
Screenplay Pavel Jurácek, from his own story
Photography Jirí Macák
Production Design Oldrich Bosák
Music Jan Klusák
Martha 			Jitka Horejsi	 	
Old Man 		Ondrej Jariabek	 	
Judith 			Vanda Kalinová	 	
Eva 			Alena Lippertová	 	
Anna 			Irena Lzicarová	 	
Magdalen 		Natasa Maslovová	 	
Clara 			Jana Novaková	 	
Old Woman 		Beta Ponicanová	 	
Barbara 		Magda Seidlerová	 	
Theresa 		Hana Vitkova
78 minutes
In Czech with Engish subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio Full screen
Languages English subtitles
Features Facets Cine-Notes collectible booklet
Source Facets Video

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