Call number: DVD-77

BAUER, Evgenii
Mad Love
Consisting of Sumerki zhenskoi dushi [Shadows of a Woman's Soul]
Khanzhonkov and Pathé Frères, 1913; released 26 November 1913
Art direction: Evgenii Bauer
Script: V. Demert
Photography: Nikolai Kozlovskii

Vera Dubovskaia   	Nina Chernova
Prince Dol´skii		A. Ugriumov
Maksim Petrov		V. Demert
48 minutes
Russian titles, English subtitles
Music: Laura Rossi
Violin - Sophie Langdon, Piano - Jill Crossland
Cello - Miriam Lowbury, Producer - Christopher Austin


Posle smerti [After Death]
Khanzhonkov, 1915; released 29 December 1915
Script Evgenii Bauer, based on the story Klara Milich by Turgenev
Photography Boris Zavelev

Andrei Bagrov			Vitol´d Polonskii
Kapitolina Markovna, his aunt   Ol´ga Rakhmanova
Zoia Kadmina      		Vera Karalli
Her mother       		M. Khalatova
Her sister           		Tamara Gedevanova
Tsenin, Andrei's friend    	Georgii Azarov
Princess Tarskaia   		Marfa Kassatskaia
46 minutes
Russian titles, English subtitles
Music: Nicholas Brown
Performed by Triptych: Violin - Oliver Lewis, Piano - Ruth Herbert, Cello - Jonathan Few


Umiraiushchii lebed´ [The Dying Swan]
Khanzhonkov, 1917; released 17 January 1917
Script: Zoia Barantsevich
Photography: Boris Zavelev

Gizella, a dumb dancer     	Vera Karalli
Her father  		       	Aleksandr Kheruvimov
Viktor Krasovskii 	  	Vitol´d Polonskii
Valer´ian Glinskii, an artist	Andrei Gromov
His friend 			Ivan Perestiani
49 minutes
Russian titles, English subtitles
Music: Joby Talbot
Violin - Jonathan Carney, Cello - Philip Shepard
Piano - Joby Talbot, Producer - Christopher Austin

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Russian titles, English intertitles
Features TAll three films Black and White and tinted. For music credits see above. Director's biography and photograph. Video essay by Yuri Tsivian, 36 minutes, with optional English subtitles.
Source BFI DVD

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