Call number: DVD-741

and VOITETSKII, Vitalii
Gore ot uma [Woe from Wit]

Kinostudiia imeni M. Gor´kogo, for Tsentral´naia studiia televideniia, 1952; released 29 September 1952
A film version of the production of the play by Aleksadnr Griboedov at the Gosudarstvennyi akademicheskii Malyi teatr
Stage production directed by Prov Sadovskii
Stage production designed by E. Lansere
Film photographed by Boris Monastyrskii, Zhozef Martov
Pavel Afanas´evich Famusov, a government official	Konstantin Zubov
Sof´ia Pavlovna, his daughter				Irina Likso
Lizan´ka, a servant					Ol´ga Khor´kova
Aleksei Stepanovich Molchalin, Famusov's secretary	Mikhail Sadovskii
Aleksandr Andreevich Chatskii				Mikhail Tsarev
Colonel Sergei Sergeevich Skalozub			A. Rzhanov
Nataliia Dmitrievna Gorich, a young lady		T. Eremeeva
Platon Mikhailovich Gorich, her husband			N. Ryzhov
Prince Tugoukhovskii					P. Starkovskii
Princess Tugoukhovskaia, his wife			Evdokiia Turchaninova
Princess Khriumina grandmother				V. Ryzhova
Princess Khriumina granddaughter			N. Stoianova
Anton Antonovich Zagoretskii				Igor´ Il´inskii
Khlestova, an old woman and sister-in-law of Famusov	Vera Pashennaia
Mr N.							A. Korotkov
Mr D.							I. Lagutin
Repetilov						N. Svetlovidov
145 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

On 2 DVDs

DVD DVD 2 contains the last 79 minutes
Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features See DVD 1
Source Vostok video. Entsiklopediia Mastera kino

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