Call number: DVD-736

Vragi [Enemies]

Lenfil´m, 1953; released 2 November 1953
A film version of the production of the play by Maksim Gor´kii at the Leningrad Bol´shoi dramaticheskii teatr imeni M. Gor´kogo
Stage production directed by Natal´ia Rashevskaia
Film photographed by Evgenii Kirpichev, Aleksandr Sysoev
Production design B. Manevich
Zakhar Bardin					Vasilii Sofronov
Polina, his wife				Elena Granovskaia
Iakov Bardin					Nikolai Korn
Tat´iana, his wife, an actress			Valentina Kibardina
Nadia, Polina's niece				Nina Ol´khina
Pechenegov, a retired general, 
  an uncle of the Bardins			Ivan Efremov
Mikhail Skrobotov, a merchant, 
  a companion of the Bardins			S. Ponomarenko
Kleopatra, his wife				A. Nikritina
Nikolai Skrobotov, his brother, a lawyer 
  and assistant prosecutor			A. Sokolov
Sintsov, a clerk				V. Illich
Pologii, a clerk				V. Chainikov
Kon´, a retired soldier				N. Dmitriev
Grekov						Vladislav Strel´chik
Levshin						Aleksandr Larikov
Iagodin						B. Ryzhukhin
Riabtsev					E. Goriunov
Akimtsev					E. Ivanov
Agrafena, the housekeeper			A. Fomina
Boboedov, a cavalry captain			N. Semiletov
Kvach, a cavalry sergeant-major			P. Kolobov
Colonel						I. Pal´mu
District superintendent of police		A. Moskvin
Constable					A. Chepurnov 
150 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Portrait of the actress Nina Ol´khina, text, in Russian without subtitles
'Anons' contains a synopsis of this film and others in the series, in Russian without subtitles
Source Vostok video. Entsiklopediia Mastera kino

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