Call number: DVD-697

Deti kapitana Granta [The Children of Captain Grant]

Mosfil´m, 1936; released 15 September 1936
Screenplay Oleg Leonidov, from the novel by Jules Verne
Photography Arkadii Kol´tsatyi
Music Isaak Dunaevskii
Song lyrics Vasilii Lebedev-Kumach
Captain Grant		Iurii Iur´ev
Boatswain Ayrton    	Ivan Chuvelev
Jacques Paganel       	Nikolai Cherkasov
Helena Glenarvan    	Mariia Strelkova
Edward Glenarvan    	Nikolai Vitovtov
Mary Grant		Ol´ga Bazanova
Robert Grant		Iakov Segel´
Major MacNabs		David Gutman
John Mangles		Mikhail Romanov
Tal´kav			A. Adelung
Hotel keeper		Nikolai Michurin
85 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages No subtitles
Features Biographies and filmographies for the director, Vladimir Vainshtok, and the actor Nikolai Cherkasov
Source Soiuz Video. Shedevry sovetskogo kinematografa

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