Call number: DVD-65

Musorshchik [The Refuse Collector]

F.A.F. Intertainment, with Sluzhba kinematografii Ministerstva kul´tury Rossiiskoi federatsii, 2001
Executive producer: Galina Belinskaia
Leading producers: Aleksei Gus´kov, Georgii Shengeliia
Producers: Sergei Zernov, Vasilii Anisimov
Screenplay: Iurii Korotkov, from the story of the same name by Ivan Okhlobystin
Photography: Sergei Astakhov
Music: Aleksandr Chaikovskii and the music of Andrei Baturin
The romance 'Molitva', music by Konstantin Shevelev, words by Aleksandr Lugarev, is performed by Evgenii Diatlov

The refuse collector	Aleksei Gus´kov
The girl		Olesia Sudzilovskaia
With:			Vladimir Gusev, Vladimir Sal´nikov,
			Aleksandr Robak, Aleksandr Berda,
			Vladimir Sterzhakov, Mikhail Shashkov
Narrator		Iurii Kolokol´nikov
94 minutes
In Russian

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 1:75 Letterbox
Languages No subtitles
Features Optional audio commentary to the film by the film makers; Biographies and filmographies of Aleksei Gus´kov and Georgii Shengeliia; Video trailer.
Source Pyramid Home Video

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