Call number: DVD-62

The Stars' Caravan

Millennium Films, Finland, in association with Inti Films, Carré Noir RTBF, with aid from the Centre for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of the French Community in Belgiium, Ceska Televize, DR TV, YLE TV2, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture in Finland AVEK, Ministry for Foreign Affiars of Finland / Department for International Development Cooperation, 2000
Producers: Rashid Tursunov, Bakyt Toktokozhoev, Kristiina Pervila
Script: Arto Halonen, based on an original idea by Richard Manin and Carlo Cresto-Dina
Photography: Pini Hellstedt
Music: Edward Vesala, Iro Haarla, arranged by Iro Haarla
Narrator: Gennadii Kovalev

With:	Zarylbek Dyrkanbaev, Murat Oljobaev, Joldoshbek Kyrgyzbaev,
	Qaba "Manaschi" Atabekov, Sadombay Zarnaev

54 minutes
In Kyrgyz and Russian with optional English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages Optional English subtitles
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Source FoxLorber CentreStage, distributed by Winstar TV and Video

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