Call number: DVD-5157

Westfront 1918. Vier von der Infanterie [West Front 1918. Four from the Infantry]

Nero-Film AG, Berlin, 1930
Producer: Seymour Nebenzahl
Screenplay: Ladislaus Vajda, from Ernst Johannsen's novel Vier von der Infanterie
Photography: Fritz Arno Wagner, Charles Métain
Production design: Ernö Metzner, Willy Reiber
Music: Alexander Laszlo

The 4 Infantry men:
The Bavarian		Fritz Kampers	
Karl 			Gustav Diessl	
The student 		Hans Joachim Moebis	
The lieutenant         	Claus Clausen	
Man from Hamburg	Gustav Püttjer	
Yvette 		        Jackie Monnier	
Karl's wife		Hanna Hoessrich	
Karl's mother	        Else Heller	
Butcher		        Carl Balhaus	
Meal orderly		Wladimir Sokoloff
96 minutes
In German with optional English subtitles



Nero-Film AG, Berlin, Gaumont-Franco-Film Aubert, Paris, 1931
Producer: Seymour Nebenzahl
Screenplay: Peter Martin Lampel, Ladislaus Vajda, Gerbert Rappaport, Karl Otten
Photography: Fritz Arno Wagner
Production design: Ernö Metzner, Karl Vollbrecht
Music: G. von Rigelius

Kasper 		                        Alexander Granach	
Poacher		                        Fritz Kampers	
Wittkopp 		                Ernst Busch	
Jean Leclerc 		                Daniel Mendaille	
His mother		                Marguerite Debos	
Wittkopp's wife	                        Elisabeth Wendt	
Kaplan 		                        Gustav Püttjer	
Rose, Albert's wife	                Héléna Manson	
Obersteiger 		                Oskar Höcker	
Françoise Leclerc                 	Andrée Ducret	
Jacques grandfather (the old miner)     Alex Bernard	 
Jacques' uncle George	                Pierre-Louis	
Émile 			                Georges Charlia	
Albert 		                        Marcel Lesieur	
Director of the German mine	        Fritz Wendhausen	
Engineer at the German mine	        Max Holsboer	
Customs Officer	                        Gerhard Bienert	
Café bouncer		                Felix Bressart
90 minutes
In German and French with optional English subtitles for either the German or the French or both

Dual format edition on 1 Blu ray disc and 2 DVDs.

This is the Blu ray disc

Blu ray disc
Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.20:1
Languages Westfront 1918 in German
Kameradschaft in German and French
Optional English subtitles for Westfront 1918
Optional English subtitles for either the German or the French or both for Kameradschaft
Features Both films presented on Blu-ray in stunning 1080p
Uncompressed PCM soundtrack for both titles (on the Blu-ray)
Westfront 1918, an introduction by Jan-Christopher Horak, Fiction Factory, Munich, 2016, 17 minutes 57 seconds, in English
Kameradschaft, an introduction by Jan-Christopher Horak, Fiction Factory, Munich, 2016, 14 minutes 49 seconds, in English
44-page booklet featuring a new essay by Philip Kemp and rare archival imagery
Source Eureka. The Masters of Cinema Nos. 170-171

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