Call number: DVD-504

Tri plius dva [Three Plus Two]

Kinostudiia imeni M. Gor´kogo and Rizhskaia kinostudiia, 1963; released 3 July 1963
Screenplay Sergei Mikhalkov
Photography Viacheslav Shumskii
Production design Andris Baumanis, N. Panova
Music Andrei Volkonskii
Natasha			Nataliia Kustinskaia
Zoia			Nataliia Fateeva
Roman			Andrei Mironov
Vadim			Evgenii Zharikov
Stepan			Gennadii Nilov
85 minutes
In Russian with optional Russian or English subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Widescreen
Languages Optional Russian or English subtitles
Features Biographies and filmographies of the actors Nataliia Fateeva, Andrei Mironov, Evgenii Zharikov, Gennadii Nilov and Nataliia Kustinskaia and the director, Genrikh Oganisian
Source Cronus Media AG

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