Call number: DVD-5016

FLORESCU, Joël Levy AND FLORESCU, Michaël Levy
Atât de strălucitoare e vederea [So Bright Is the View]

Indiepix Films and inversee Media present a Romanian Independent Film Collective Production, 2013
Producers: Joël Florescu, Michaël Florescu, Ronella Sezonov
Screenplay: Joël Florescu, Michaël Florescu
Photography: Ronella Sezonov

Estera		        Bianca Valea		
Mike		        Ovidiu Niculescu
Vlad		        Robi Urs		
Oana		        Cristina Olteanu
Raluca		        Valentina Popa
Luminiţa	        Dana Cucoş
Rivka		        Dana Apostol
The café boss	        Marius Ionescu
Alina, the waitress	Raluca Panţiru
102 minutes
In Romanian with English subtitles

Region code
Aspect ratio 178:1
Languages English subtitles
Features Trailer
Production interview, Joël and Michaël Levy Florescu talk to the actress Dana Cucoş, 3 minutes 41 seconds, in English
Source Indiepix

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