Call number: DVD-4993

Rolf Randolf - Der Bettler vom Kölner Dom

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 1, containing the film

Der Bettler vom Kölner Dom [The Beggar of Cologne Cathedral]

Internationale Film-AG (Ifa) (Berlin), 1927; premiere, 27 August 1927
Producer: Rudolf Meinert
Screenplay: Emanuel Alfieri
Photography: Willy Hameister
Production design: Gustav A. Knauer
Music for this edition: Pierre Osler or Günter A. Buchwald

Detective Tom Wilkens	Henry Stuart	
Mabel Strong			                        Elza Temáry	
The Beggar of Cologne Cathedral		                Carl de Vogt	
Madame Tréville		                                Hanni Weisse	
Marquis de Puissac		                        Robert Scholz	
Steffens			                        Fritz Kampers	
Emil				                        Harry Lambertz-Paulsen	
Napoloen Bonaparte Schmitz, a Private Detective	        Karl Geppert	
Carolus Caesar Müller, a Private Detective 	        Hermann Blass	
Hotel Director		                                Rudolf Hilberg	
Commissar			                        Eugen Jensen	
The Insurance Agent	                                Hugo Flink	
Tűnnes			                                Rudolf Meinhardt-Jünger
102 minutes
German titles with optional English and French subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Optional English and French subtitles
Features 16-page booklet in German and English
Programme booklet and Lobby cards
Source Edition Filmmuseum, 52

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