Call number: DVD-4968

Nerven [Nerves]

Monumentalfilm Robert Reinert, Berlin, 1919
Producer: Robert Reinert
Screenplay: Robert Reinert
Photography: Helmar Lerski
Music for this edition: Joachim Bärenz

Factory owner Roloff 	                           Eduard von Winterstein	
His wife Elisabeth 		                   Lya Borré	
His sister Marja		                   Erna Morena
The teacher Johannes	                           Paul Bender	
His blind sister 		                   Lili Dominici	
Richard, the Count of Colonna, Marja's fiancé      Rio Ellbon	
Marja's former wet-nurse	                   Margarete Tondeur	
Man in the visions		                   Paul Burgen
110 minutes
German titles with optional English and French subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Optional English and French subtitles
Features Bilder von der Volksbewegung in München [Images of the People's Movement in Munich] 3 minutes, silent, compilation of 1919 newsreel footage
München im Zeichen der Räterepublik [Munich in the Time of the Republic] 8 minutes 39 seconds, silent, German titles with optional English and French subtitles, compilation of 1919 newsreel footage
Side-by-side comparison of these extracts from the tinted American version (Library of Congress) and the German Censorship version, 1920 (Gosfil´mofond of Russia):
1: Marja im Brautkleid [Marja in her wedding dress] 5 minutes 8 seconds
2: Beim Nervenarzt [At the nerve specialist's] 8 minutes 5 seconds
3: Roloffs Wahn [Roloff's paranoia] 6 minutes 10 seconds
21 posters, lobby cards and stills
16 page booklet
Source Edition Filmmuseum, 41

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