Call number: DVD-4964

Asta Nielsen. Hamlet & Die Filmprimadonna

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 1


Art-Film GmbH (Berlin), 1920; premiere 4 February 1921
Producer: Asta Nielsen
Screenplay: Erwin Gepard
Idea: Edward E. Vining, from the twelfth century Hamlet legend
Photography: Curt Courant, Axel Graatkjær
Production design: Siegfried Wroblewsky, Svend Gade
Costumes: Hugo Baruch, Leopold Verch
Optional music for this edition: Michael Riessler

Prince Hamlet 		        Asta Nielsen	
Hamlet King of Denmark         	Paul Conradi	
Queen Gertrude		        Mathilde Brandt	
Claudius, The King's brother 	Eduard von Winterstein	
Horatio 			Heinz Stieda	
Polonius 			Hans Junkermann	
Polonius's son Laertes 	        Anton de Verdier	
Polonius's daughter Ophelia 	Lilly Jacobsson
King Fortinbras of Norway       Fritz Achterberg
110 minutes
German titles with optional English subtitles, tinted, silent with optional music track

Region code All
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Optional German and English subtitles
Features 20 page booklet
Source Edition Filmmuseum, 37

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