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Early Murnau. Five Films, 1921-1925

On 3 Blu ray discs

This is Blu ray disc 2, containing:

MURNAU, Friedrich Wilhelm
Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs [The Finances of the Grand Duke]

Ufa, 1924; released 7 January 1924
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Thea von Harbou, from the adventure story by Frank Heller
Photography: Karl Freund
Production design: Rochus Gliese, Erich Czerwonski
Music for this edition performed by Ekkehard Wölk

Don Roman XXII, Grand Duke von Abacco           Harry Liedtke 
Don Esteban Paqueno    		                Adolphe Engers 
Augustina, the cook    		                Ilka Grüning 
Joaquino, the valet			        Hugo Block
Semjon Marcowitz, a usurer    	                Guido Herzfeld 
Herr Bekker    			                Hermann Vallentin 
The dangerous conspirator    	                Georg August Koch 
The sinister conspirator    		        Max Schreck 
The hunchbacked conspirator    	                Hans Hermann 
The ambitious conspirator    	                Walter Rilla 
Philipp Collin, alias Professor Pelotard        Alfred Abel 
Mr N. Isaaks	    			        Julius Falkenstein 
Grand Duchess Olga von Rußland 		        Mady Christians 
Brother of the Grand Duchess    	        Robert Scholtz 
Adjutant    				        Balthasar von Campenhausen 
78 minutes
German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score


MURNAU, Friedrich Wilhelm
Herr Tartüff [Tartuffe]

Ufa, Berlin, 1926; premiere 20 November 1925, Vienna; 25 January 1926, Berlin
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Carl Mayer, from the play by Molière
Photography: Carl Freund
Production design: Robert Herlth, Walter Röhrig
Original music: Giuseppe Becca, adapted, 2003, by Javier Pérez de Azpeitia

The old man		                Hermann Picha
His servant girl	                Rosa Valetti	 
His grandson 		                André Mattoni	 
Herr Orgon		                Werner Krauss		
Frau Elmire, Herr Orgon's wife	        Lil Dagover		
Dorine			                Lucie Höflich		
Herr Tartüff		                Emil Jannings
65 minutes
German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score, tinted

Blu ray disc
Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features New high-definition presentations
Newly translated English subtitles
Audio commentary by David Kalat on Die Finanzen des Grossherzogs (The Finances of the Grand Duke)
Tartüff, der verschollene Film (Tartuffe – The Lost Film), directed by Luciano Berriatúa, 41 minutes 20 seconds, in German with optional English subtitles
100-page booklet featuring writing by Charles Jameux, Lotte H. Eisner, Janet Bergstrom, Tony Rayns, and archival imagery
Source Eureka. Masters of Cinema, 140-144

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