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Early Murnau. Five Films, 1921-1925

On 3 Blu ray discs

This is Blu ray disc 1, containing:

MURNAU, Friedrich Wilhelm
Schloss Vogelöd: Die Enthüllung eines Geheimnisses [Castle Vogelöd: The Revelation of a Secret] [The Haunted Castle]

zweiter Uco Film der Decla-Bioscop, 1921; released 21 April 1921
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Carl Mayer, Berthold Viertel, from the story by Rudolf Stratz
Photography: Fritz Arno Wagner, László Schäffer
Production design: Hermann Warm
Music for this edition: Neil Brand (2005)

Lord von Vogelschrey, Lord of the manor of Vogelöd	 Arnold Korff 
Centa von Vogelschrey, his wife	                         Lulu Kyser-Korff 
Count Johann Oetsch		                         Lotar Mehnert 
Count Peter Paul Oetsch		                         Paul Hartmann 
Baron Safferstätt			                 Paul Bildt 
Baroness Safferstätt		                         Olga Tschechowa  
Father Faramund			                         Victor Blütner  
Judge of the District Court, retired                     Hermann Vallentin  
Anxious gentleman			                 Julius Falkenstein  
Master of the household   	 	                 Robert Leffler  
Servant				                         Walter Kurt-Kuhle
81 minutes
German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score, tinted


MURNAU, Friedrich Wilhelm

Uco Film der Decla-Bioscop, 1922; released 13 November 1922
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Thea von Harbou, from the novel by Gerhart Hauptmann
Photography: Axel Graatkjär, Theophan Ouchakoff
Production design: Hermann Warm, Erich Czerwonski
Music for this edition composed and arranged by Robert Israel

Lorenz Lubota 		        Alfred Abel 
His mother	    		Frieda Richard 
Melanie, his sister	    	Aud Egede Nissen 
Hugo, his younger brother	Hans Heinrich von Twardowski 
Harlan, a hardware dealer    	Adolf Klein 
His wife	    		Olga Engl 
Veronika, his daughter	        Lya De Putti 
Baroness			Ilka Grüning 
Mellitta, her daughter   	Lya De Putti 
Frau Schwabe, a pawnbroker    	Grete Berger 
Wigottschinsky	    	        Anton Edthofer 
Bookbinder Starke    	        Karl Etlinger 
Marie, his daughter		Lil Dagover
An usher / clerk		Heinrich Witte
121 minutes
German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score, tinted

Blu ray disc
Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Newly translated English subtitles
Die Sprache der Schatten. Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau und seine Filme (The Language of the Shadows: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and His Films), a documentary on the early works of Murnau, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung, 2007, directed by Luciano Berriatúa, 31 minutes, in German with optional English subtitles
100-page booklet featuring writing by Charles Jameux, Lotte H. Eisner, Janet Bergstrom, Tony Rayns, and archival imagery
Source Eureka. Masters of Cinema, 140-144

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