Call number: DVD-4941

GALEEN, Henrik
Der Student von Prag [The Man Who Cheated Life] [The Student of Prague]

Sokal-Film, Berlin, 1926
Producer: Henry Sokal
Screenplay: Henrik Galeen, Hanns Heinz Ewers, drawing upon the Faust legend
Photography: Günther Krampf, Erich Nitzschmann
Production design: Hermann Warm
Music for this edition: Paul David Bergel

Reichsgraf von Schwarzenberg 	        Fritz Alberti	
Margit, his daughter	 	        Countess Agnes Esterhazy	
Baron von Waldis-Schwarzenberg, 
  Margit's cousin and fiancé	        Ferdinand von Alten 
The student Balduin			Conrad Veidt	
Lyduschka, a flower girl 		Elizza La Porta	
Scapinelli				Werner Krauss	
Students				Erich Kober, Max Maximilian
91 minutes
English titles, silent with added music track

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Languages English titles
Features Chapter selection
Source Alpha video

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