Call number: DVD-4881

UCICKY, Gustav
Café Electric (Die Liebesbörse) [Café Electric (The Love Market)]

Sascha Film-Industrie AG, Vienna, 1927
Producer: Alexander Graf Kolowrat
Screenplay: Jacques Bachrach, from the play Die Liebesbörse by Felix Fischer
Photography: Hans Androschin
Production design: Artur Berger
Music for this edition: Gerhard Gruber

Ferdl 			                          Willi Forst	
Erni Göttlinger 	                          Marlene Dietrich	
Building contractor Göttlinger, her father        Fritz Alberti	
His friend		                          Anna Coty	
Max Stöger 		                          Igo Sym	
Paula 			                          Vera Salvotti	
Hansi 			                          Nina Vanna	
Dr Lehner 		                          Wilhelm Völcker	
Herr Zerner 		                          Albert von Kersten
91 minutes
German intertitles, silent with added music track

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3, 1.33:1
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Hoanzl. Der Österreichische Film. Edition der Standard, 105

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