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Zerkalo [The Mirror]

Mosfil´m, Chetvertoe tvorcheskoe ob´´edinenie, 1974; released 7 March 1975
Screenplay: Aleksandr Misharin, Andrei Tarkovskii
Poems by Arsenii Tarkovskii, read by the author
Photography: Georgii Rerberg
Production design: Nikolai Dvigubskii
Music: Eduard Artem´ev; and the music of Bach, Pergolesi and Purcell

Mariia, Aleksei’s mother as a young woman 
  AND Natal´ia, Aleksei’s wife                  Margarita Terekhova
Aleksei’s mother as an old woman   	        Mariia Tarkovskaia
Aleksei, aged five	       			Filipp Iankovskii
Aleksei, aged twelve AND 
  Ignat, Aleksei’s son, aged twelve       	Ignat Danil´tsev
Aleksei’s father				Oleg Iankovskii
Ivan Gavrilovich (at printing works)	        Nikolai Grin´ko
Elizaveta Pavlovna (at printing works)	        Alla Demidova
Military instructor during war       	        Iurii Nazarov
Doctor passing by at start			Anatolii Solonitsyn
Nadezhda Petrovna, wife of rich doctor          Larisa Tarkovskaia
Woman to whom Ignat reads Pushkin	        Tamara Ogorodnikova
Red-headed girl				        Ol´ga Kizilova
Voice of Aleksei/Narrator      		        Innokentii Smoktunovskii
106 minutes
In Russian with optional English subtitles

On 2 Blu ray discs

This is Blu ray disc 1, containing the film

Blu ray disc
Region code B
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Film restored at Mosfil´m, 2008
40-page Booklet
Source Curzon Artificial Eye

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