Call number: DVD-4796

SOKUROV, Aleksandr


On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 2, the supplements

Les Visiteurs du Louvre, making of du film [The Visitors to the Louvre, Making of of the Film]
Idéale Audience, Zéro One Film, N279 Entertainment, in co-production with Le Musée du Louvre, Arte France Cinéma, 2015
Director: Gérald Caillat

51 minutes 20 seconds
In French without subtitles


Entretien avec Bruno Delbonet, chef-opérateur du film [Interview with Bruno Delbonet, the film's Director of Photography]
Idéale Audience, 2015

35 minutes 23 seconds
In French without subtitles


Entretien ave Christina Kott, historienne et maître de conference a l'Université Panthéon- Assas Paris 2 [Interview with Christina Kott, historian and Lecturer at l'Université Panthéon- Assas Paris 2]
UniversCiné, Blaq Out, 2016

14 minutes 55 seconds
In French without subtitles


Histoires de Paris. Le Palais du Louvre [Histories of Paris. The Palace of the Louvre]
L'RTF, 1971
Director: Jacques Sangers
Script: Jacques Sangers
Narrator: Jacques Sangers

26 minutes 7 seconds
In French without subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.66:1
Languages No subtitles
Features See above
Source Blaq Out, Sophie Dulac Distribution

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