Call number: DVD-4692

JANCSÓ, Miklós
La pacifista - Smetti di piovere [The Pacifist]

Cinematografica Lombarda, in co-production with O.C.F. di René Thévenet, Neue Emelka, Munich, 1970
Executive producers: Giuseppe Brun, Stefano Ubezio
Story and screenplay: Giovanna Gagliardo
Dialogue: Guido Leoni, with the collaboration of Silvia Silvani
Photography: Carlo Di Palma
Production design: Piero Poletto
Music: Giorgio Gaslini

Barbara		Monica Vitti
Michele		Pierre Clémenti
Commissario	Peter Pasetti	
Piero		Piero Faggioni
Carlo		Gino Lavagetto
82 minutes
In Italian with optional Italian subtitles for the hard of hearing

Region code
Aspect ratio 1.85:1, 16:9
Languages Optional Italian subtitles for the hard of hearing
Features 'La "Prima volta" di Jancso', the story and scriptwriter Giovanna Gagliardo speak about the film, 24 minutes 42 seconds, in Italian
Original beginning (2 minutes 8 seconds) and ending (5 minutes 24 seconds)
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