Call number: DVD-46

Kinoglaz. Na pervoi razvedke. Pervaia seriia tsikla Zhizn´ vrasplokh [Kino-Eye on its First Reconnaissance. First Series of a Cycle Life Caught Unawares (Tapestry of Life)]

Goskino, Moscow, 1924
Film organised by Dziga Vertov
Photography: Mikhail Kaufman
Editor: Elizaveta Svilova
This version produced for Kino Video by Film Preservation Associates, 1999
Produced for video by David Shepard
Music: Robert Israel
Video editor: Bret Hampton

79 minutes
Russian titles, English intertitles


Tri pesni o Lenine [Three Songs of Lenin]
Mezhrabpomfil´m, 1934
Script: Dziga Vertov
Photography: D. Surenskii, Mark Magidson, Bentsion Monastyrskii
Music: Iurii Shaporin

59 minutes
Russian titles, English intertitles

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages Russian titles, English intertitles
Source Image Entertainment

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