Call number: DVD-4393

CURTIZ, Michael
British Agent

First National Pictures, 1934
Producer: Henry Blanke
Screenplay: Laird Doyle, suggested by the book of the same name by R.H. Bruce Lockhart
Dialogue director: Frank McDonald
Dialogue contributor: Pierre Collings
British dialogue: Roland Pertwee
Photography: Ernest Haller
Production design: Anton Grot
Music: Bernhard Kaun, Heinz Roemheld

Stephen Locke 				Leslie Howard  		 
Elena Moura, Lenin's secretary		Kay Francis  		 
Bob Medill		 		William Gargan	 
Gaston LeFarge	 			Phillip Reed		 
Sergei Pavlov, the head of the Cheka	Irving Pichel	
Poohbah Evans	 			Ivan Simpson	
Sir Walter Carrister	 		Halliwell Hobbes	 
Commissioner for War			J. Carroll Naish	 
Under Secretary Stanley			Walter Byron		 
Tito Del Val				Cesar Romero	 
Henry Farmer  				Arthur Aylesworth		 
Paul DeVigney  				Alphonse Ethier		 
Mr X  					Frank Reicher	
Lenin  					Tenen Holtz		 
Lady Carrister  			Doris Lloyd		 
Lady Catherine Trehearne		Mary Forbes		
Maria Nikolaievna  			Marina Schubert	
Lloyd George  				George Pearce		 
Mr Kolinoff  				Gregory Gaye		 
Count Romano				Paul Porcasi		
Zubinoff  				Addison Richards  		 
Under Secretary  			Walter Armitage   
Under Secretary  			Olaf Hytten  		 
Dora Kaplan  				Zosia Tanina  		 
Stalin  				Joseph Mario  		 
Radek  					Norman Stengel  		 
Mrs Farmer  	 			Georgia Cooper  	 
Countess Romano  			Sylvia Marachi  		 
Madame DeVigney  			Edith Baker  	
Marshall O'Reilly  			Donald Crisp  		 
Englishman  				Wyndham Standing  		 
Russian diplomat  		 	Leonid Snegoff  	 
Cossack  				General Savitsky  		 
Secretary  				Vesey O'Davoren  		 
First suspect  				Frank Lackteen  		 
Second suspect  			Robert Wilber  	 
Third suspect 				Lew Harvey
80 minutes
In English without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Full screen 4:3, 1.37:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Trailer
Source Warner Brothers Archive Collection

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