Call number: DVD-4325

Don Diego i Pelageia (Delo Pelagei Deminoi) [Don Diego and Pelageia (The Case of Pelageia Demina)]

Mezhrabpom-Rus´, 1927; released 24 February 1928
Screenplay: A. Zorich (Vasill Timofeevich Lokot´)
Photography: Evgenii Alekseev
Production design: Sergei Kozlovskii

Pelageia Demina       					Mariia Bliumental´-Tamarina
"Don Diego", the stationmaster 				Anatolii Bykov
Pelageia's husband   					Vladimir Mikhailov
Miroshka the watchman of the Village Soviet		Vladimir Popov
Mikhail Ivanovich, a member of the 
  Society for the Study of the Countryside      	Mikhail Zharov
Natasha, a female Komsomol member			I. Levkoeva
Misha, a male Komsomol member      			Ivan Iudin
Lecturer about the harm of bureaucratism		Osip Brik
Registration and Distribution Department official	Aleksandr Gromov
Watchman						Daniil Vvedenskii
Priest's wife						Elena Tiapkina
Secretary						Ivan Pel´tser
Woman at court						Vera Maretskaia
Friend of the Head of the 
  Section of Transport Service				Lev Fenin
Komsomol member						Nikolai Ivakin
58 minutes
Russian titles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music track

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