Call number: DVD-4264

Syn [The Son]

Prodiuserskii tsentr Art-Lider, 2014
Producers: Arsenii Gonchukov, Vladimir Buzov, Sof´ia Mad´iarova, Larisa Dirina
Executive producers: Ol´ga Kuznetsova, Ol´ga Migacheva
Screenplay: Arsenii Gonchukov
Photography: Konstantin Rassolov
Production design: Ekaterina Lapynina
Music: Stanislav Polesko

Andrei				Aleksei Chernykh
His father			Vadim Andreev
His mother			Ol´ga Malakhova
Lena, his sister		Lidiia Omutnykh
The doctor Al´bina		Elena Tonunts 
Oksana, Andrei's fiancée 	Oksana Erdlei
Aunt Valia, the librarian	Ianina Kogut
Sergei, Andrei's friend		Valerii Boev 
Taxi driver			Dmitrii Kur´ianov
Lover				Dmitrii Fainshtein
93 minutes
In Russian without subtitles
Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection

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