Call number: DVD-4237

Dziga Vertov. L'Homme à la Caméra et Autres Chefs-D'Oeuvre

On 1 Blu-Ray disc and 3 DVDs

This is the Blu-Ray disc, containing:

Chelovek s kinoapparatom [The Man with the Movie Camera]

VUFKU, Kiev, 1928; released, Kiev, 8 January 1929; Moscow, 9 April 1929
Initial credits read:
Zapis´ na plenke v 6-i rolikakh [Film recording in 6 reels]
Proizvodstvo VUFKU 1929 goda [Produced at VUFKU, 1929]
(Otryvok iz dnevnika kino-operatora) [(An Extract form the Diary of a Camera-Operator)]
Vnimaniiu zritelei: [To the attention of viewers:]
Nastoiashchii fil´m predstavliaet soboi opyt kino-peredachi vidimykh iavlenii [The present film is an experiment in the cinematic transmission of visible phenomena]
Bez pomoshchi nadpisei (fil´m bez nadpisei) [Without the Help of Intertitles (A Film Without Intertitles)]
Bez pomoshchi stsenariia (fil´m bez stsenariia) [Without the Help of a Script (A Film Without a Script)]
Bez pomoshchi teatra (fil´m bez akterov, dekoratsii i t.d.) [Without the Help of the Theatre (A Film Without Actors, Sets etc.)]
Eta eksperimental´naia rabota napravlena k sozdaniiu podlinnogo mezhdunarodnogo absoliutnogo iazyka kino na osnove ego polnogo otdeleniia ot iazyka teatra i literatury [This experimental work is directed towards the creation of an authentic international absolute language of cinema on the basis of its complete separation from the language of theatre and literature.]
Avtor-rukovoditel´ eksperimenta [Author and leader of the experiment]: Dziga Vertov
Glavnyi operator [Chief cameraman]: Mikhail Kaufman
Assistent po montazhu [Montage assistant]: Elizaveta Svilova
No dialogue
Music for this edition: The Alloy Orchestra

68 minutes
No titles, restored


Entuziazm (Simfoniia Donbassa) [Enthusiasm. Symphony of the Donbass]

Ukrainfil´m, Kievskaia kino-fabrika, 1930
Assistant: Elizaveta Svilova
Photography: B. Tseitlin
Sound: Petr Shtro
Music: Symphony of the Donbass March by Timofeev and the end of Shostakovich's Pervomaiskaia simfoniia

66 minutes 15 seconds
Russian titles with optional French and English subtitles


Tri pesni o Lenine [Three Songs of Lenin]

Mezhrabpomfil´m, 1934
Assistant: Elizaveta Svilova
Script: Dziga Vertov
Photography: Dmitrii Surenskii, Mark Magidson, Bentsion Monastyrskii
Sound: Petr Shtro
Music: Iurii Shaporin

61 minutes
Russian titles with optional French and English subtitles


Kinoglaz. Na pervoi razvedke. Pervaia seriia tsikla Zhizn´ vrasplokh [Kino-Eye on its First Reconnaissance. First Series of a Cycle Life Caught Unawares (Tapestry of Life)]

Kontora s´´emok Goskino, Moscow, 1924; released 31 October 1924
Film reconnaissance: Dziga Vertov
Photography: Mikhail Kaufman
Editor: Elizaveta Svilova
Music for this edition: Robert Israel

78 minutes 25 seconds
Russian titles with optional French and English subtitles


Kino- Pravda No. 21 Leninskaia kinopravda. Kino-poema o Lenine [Kino-Pravda No. 21. Lenin Kino-Pravda. A Film Poem about Lenin]

Proizvodstvo Kul´tkino, Moscow, 13 January 1925; released 22 January 1925
For the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Il´ich Lenin 21 January 1924 - 21 January 1925
A work by Dziga Vertov
Cameramen: Grigorii Giber, Aleksandr Levitskii, Aleksandr Lemberg, Petr Novitskii, Mikhail Kaufman, Eduard Tisse and others
Music for this edition: Robert Israel

23 minutes 20 seconds
Russian titles with optional French and English subtitles

Blu-ray disc
Region code All
Aspect ratio 16:9
Languages Menu languages: French and English
Optional French and English subtitles
Features The Man with the Movie Camera restored by Lobster Films, spring 2014, from the copy in the EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, a copy which Vertov himself took to Holland in 1931
Copies of Kino-Pravda, Entuziazm and Tri pesni o Lenine made from the collections of the Cinémathèque de Toulouse
Copy of Kino-Glaz made from the collections of FPA Inc.
Source Lobster

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