Call number: DVD-4178

MURNAU, Friedrich Wilhelm
Faust. Eine deutsche Volkssage [Faust. A German Folk Tale]

Ufa, 1926; released 14 September 1926
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Hans Kyser
Photography: Carl Hoffmann
Production design: Robert Herlth, Walter Röhrig
Music for this edition: Stan Ambrose or Timothy Brock

Faust			Gösta Ekman
Mephisto		Emil Jannings
Gretchen		Camilla Horn
Gretchen's mother    	Frieda Richard  
Valentin    		Wilhelm Dieterle  
Marthe Schwerdtlein  	Yvette Guilbert  
Duke of Parma    	Eric Barclay  
Duchess of Parma   	Hanna Ralph  
Archangel    		Werner Fuetterer  
Gretchen's aunt    	Anderhusan von Arteblach  
Devil's friend    	Darrin S. Peters
107 minutes
German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score

Dual format edition, on 1 Blu-ray disc and 2 DVDs

This is DVD 1, containing the domestic version

Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Newly found domestic German print featuring completely different takes and much better resolution than the previously seen export print released outside of Germany
Progressively encoded transfer, with original German intertitles
Improved optional English subtitles
A new improvised harp score by Stan Ambrose
Alternative orchestral score by Timothy Brock
Full-length audio commentary by critics David Ehrenstein and Bill Krohn
44-page booklet with a new essay by Peter Spooner, and archive reprints
Source Eureka. Masters of Cinema, 78

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