Call number: DVD-4176

KLUGE, Alexander
Abschied von Gestern (Anita G.) [Yesterday Girl (Anita G.)]

Independent Film, Kairos-Film, 1966
Producer: Alexander Kluge
Screenplay: Alexander Kluge, from his story "Anita G."
Photography: Thomas Mauch, Edgar Reitz

Anita G.			Alexandra Kluge		
Pichota				Günther Mack	
The judge			Hans Korte
Parole Board Officer		Edith Kuntze-Pellogio
Mrs Budeck			Palma Falck	
Priest				Ado Riegler	
Record company's owner		Josef Kreindl	
Record company's owner's wife	Käthe Ebner	
The Young Man			Peter Staimmer
The professor			Hans Brammer
The skydiver			E.O. Fuhrmann	
Man				Karl-Heinz Peters
Mother				Ursula Dirichs
Mrs Pichota			Eva Maria Meineke
Fur store owner			Fritz Werner	
Chambermaid			Hedwig Wissing
Manager of the hotel		Nathan Gnatz
Room renter			Maria Schäfer
Professor			Harald Patzer
Assistant at the university	Alfred Edel
Commissionaire			Gottfried Gerhard Bowin-Schlegel
Dog trainer			Adam Delle
Attorney General		Fritz Bauer
Jailhouse nurse			Irma Kolmhuber
Welfare worker in jail		Erna Bepperling	
Narrator			Alexander Kluge
87 minutes
In German with English subtitles


KLUGE, Alexander Ein Liebesversuch. Bericht über ein Forschungs-Ergebnis [An Experiment in Love. Report on a research result]
DCTP, Prime Time Spätausgabe, 1998
16 minutes
In English without subtitles


KLUGE, Alexander AND SCHAMONI, Peter
Brutalität in Stein [Brutality in Stone]

Alexander Kluge Filmproduktion, Dieter Lemmel Kurzfilmproduktion, Peter Schamoni Film, 1961
Producers: Alexander Kluge, Dieter Lemmel, Peter Schamoni
Screenplay: Alexander Kluge, Peter Schamoni
Photography: Wolf Wirth
Music: Hans Posegga
Narrators: Hans Clarin, Christian Marschall

11 minutes
In German with English subtitles


News from the '66 Venice Film Festival
1 minute
In German with English subtitles

Region code 1
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Facets Video

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