Call number: DVD-4156

LANG, Fritz
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse [The Testament of Dr. Mabuse]

Der Nero, Deutsche Universal, 1933; premiere 21 April 1933, Budapest
Producers: Fritz Lang, Seymour Nebenzal
Screenplay: Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou, from characters by Norbert Jacques
Photography: Karl Vass, Fritz Arno Wagner
Production design: Emil Hasler, Karl Vollbrecht
Music: Hans Erdmann

Dr Mabuse		Rudolf Klein-Rogge	 	
Thomas Kent		Gustav Diessl	 	
Hardy			Rudolf Schündler	 	
Bredow			Oskar Höcker	 	
Karetzky		Theo Lingen	 	
Jeweller Anna		Camilla Spira	 	
Lithographer		Paul Henckels	 	
Commissioner Lohmann	Otto Wernicke	 	
Dr Kramm		Theodor Loos	 	
Nicolai Griforiew 	Hadrian M. Netto
Blackmailer		Paul Bernd	 	 
Bulle			Henry Pless	
Dr Hauser		Adolf E. Licho	 	
Professor Dr Baum 	Oskar Beregi
Lilli			Wera Liessem	 	
Hofmeister		Karl Meixner	 	
Müller			Klaus Pohl
121 minutes
In German with optional English subtitles

Dual format edition
This is the Blu-ray disc

Blu-ray disc
Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.19:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features New, officially licenced high-definition transfer from restored materials
New and improved optional English subtitles with original soundtrack
Feature-length audio commentary by David Kalat (2009)
32 page booklet featuring reprints of writing by Michel Chion and excerpts of vintage interviews with Lang
Source Eureka, Masters of Cinema 43

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