Call number: DVD-413

Adieu, plancher des vaches! [In vino veritas!] [Farewell, Home, Sweet Home!] [Istina v vine!]

Pierre Grise Productions, Carac Film AG (Switzerland), Alia Films (Italy), Istituto Luce (Italy), with the Centre National de la Cinématographie, FMB Films, Canal +, RAI, Cofimage 10, 1999
Producer Martine Marignac
Screenplay Otar Ioseliani
Photography Walter Lubtchansky
Music Nicolas Zourabichvili
Son			Nico Tarielashvili
Mother			Lily Lavina
Moto driver		Philippe Bas
Tramp			Amiran Amiranachvili
Girl next door		Stéphanie Hainque
Soubrette		Mirabelle Kirkland
Beggar			Joachim Salinger
Lover			Manu de Chauvigny
Father			Otar Ioseliani
Old lady		Narda Blanchet
112 minutes
In French with optional subtitles


Un petit monastère en Toscane [A Little Monastery in Tuscany]

La Sept - Sodaperaga, 1988
Producer Brigitte Lécuyer
Script SaraTondini
Photography Lionel Coussin
54 minutes
In French

7 DVD Coffret

Region code 2
Aspect ratio Image 1.66. Screen 16: 9, compatible 4: 3
Languages Optional English, Hungarian and Portuguese subtitles on Adieu, plancher des vaches!
Features Interview with Ioseliani by Serge Kaganski, in French, 15½ minutes
Source Blaq Out

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