Call number: DVD-4080

Madame Dubarry

Projektions-AG "Union" (PAGU) (Berlin), 1919
Producer: Paul Davidson
Screenplay: Fred Orbing, Hanns Kräly, from an idea by Norbert Falk
Photography: Theodor Sparkuhl
Production design: Kurt Richter, with the co-operation of Karl Machus
Music for this edition: Carsten-Stephan Graf von Bothmer

King Louis XV 						Emil Jannings	
State Minister Le Duc de Choiseul			Reinhold Schünzel	
La Duchesse de Gramont, Le Duc de Choiseul's sister 	Elsa Berna	
Count Jean Dubarry 					Eduard von Winterstein	
Jeanne Vaubernier, later Madame Dubarry			Pola Negri	
The medical student Armand de Foix			Harry Liedtke	
The shoe-maker Paillet					Alexander Eckert	
Zamor, a black man					Viktor Janson
Guillaume Dubarry 					Karl Platen	
The Spanish Envoy Don Diego 				Magnus Stifter	
Madame Labille 						Marga Köhler	
The King's valet Lebel					Paul Biensfeldt	
Commander of the Castle Guard 				Wilhelm Kaiser-Heyl	
Le Duc de Richelieu 					Fred Immler	
Le Duc d'Aiguillon					Gustav Czimeg	
With: Bernhard Goetzke, Robert Sortsch-Pla
114 minutes
German intertitles with French intertitles and with optional English subtitles, tinted, silent with added music score


Als ich tot war [When I Was Dead]

Projektions-AG "Union" (PAGU) (Berlin), 1916
Producer: Paul Davidson
Screenplay: Ernst Lubitsch
Music for this edition: Aljoscha Zimmermann

Ernst, the husband 	Ernst Lubitsch	
His wife Paula		Louise Schenrich	
His mother-in-law	Lanchen Voss
With: Julius Falkenstein
38 minutes
German titles with optional English subtitles, tinted, silent with added music score

Dual format edition

This is the DVD

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Tinted
New high-definition 1080p presentation of the films on the Blu-ray, and progressive encode on the DVD
The Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung, Wiesbaden restorations of Madame Dubarry (2001) and Als ich tot war, 1916, Lubitsch's earliest surviving film (1995)
Original German intertitles with French intertitles on Madame Dubarry and with newly translated optional English subtitles
36-page booklet containing new essays on each of the films by David Cairns, and rare archival imagery.
Source Eureka, Masters of Cinema, No. 93

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