Call number: DVD-394


RAI TV Rete 2 and Sovinfilm, 1981-82
Screenplay Andrei Tarkovskii and Tonino Guerra
Producer Francesco Casati
Photography Giuseppe Lanci
Art director Andrea Crisanti
Music Verdi, Beethoven

Andrei Gorchakov       	Oleg Iankovskii
Domenico                Erland Josephson
Eugenia    	        Domiziana Giordano
Gorchakov's wife 	Patrizia Terreno
Woman with towel	Laura de Marchi
Domenico's wife		Delia Boccardo
Town worker		Milena Vukotic
Peasant			Alberto Canepa
126 minutes
In Italian with optional Russian subtitles or voiceover

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 1.85: 1
Languages Optional Russian voiceover version
Optional Russian subtitles
Features Interview with the scriptwriter, Tonino Guerra, 8 minutes, in Italian with Russian overdubbing.
Interview with Marina Tarkovskaia, 2 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
Extract from Tarkovskii's film 'Katok i skripka', 5 minutes, in Russian without subtitles.
Biographies and filmographies for the director, Andrei Tarkovskii, the scriptwriter, Tonino Guerra and the actor Oleg Iankovskii
Album of photographs.
Source Ruscico

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