Call number: DVD-3752

GROSS, Natan and GOSKIND, Shaul
Unzere Kinder [Our Children]

Film Cooperative Kinor, 1948
Producers: Saul Goskind, Natan Gross
Screenplay: Natan Gross, Saul Goskind, Shimen Dzigan, Ysrael Szumacher, from the play Fire in Klarysewec, by Sholom Aleichem
Dialogue: Rachel Auerbach
Contributing writers: Bronislaw Brok, Jean Farge
Photography: L. Zajaczkowski
Production design: Shimen Dzigan, Ysrael Szumacher
Music: Shaul Berezowski

Dzigan	 			Shimen Dzigan	 	
Szumacher	 		Ysrael Szumacher	 	
Orphanage Directress	        Niusia Gold	 	
Teacher			        Nathan Meisler	 	
Teacher		 	        Hadasa Kestin	 	
Master of Ceremonies	        Israel Glanz	 	
Cook			        Luba Majzler	 	
Orphanage children		S. Goldbrenner, Szymon Redlich, B. Grinspan,  Eliasz Zalkind, M. Tauman, S. Kuczer, I. Grynberg, C. Pretter, W. Lason
Narrator	                Jakub Rotbaum
68 minutes
In Yiddish with English subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source The National Center for Jewish Film

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